Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the Double Dawgs Programs page and click on a program to contact the program advisor.
For general questions contact us at, (706) 542-6358
  • What is the Double Dawgs program?
  • The Double Dawgs program allows students to accelerate their progress toward a master's degree by taking graduate-level coursework during the final year of their undergraduate studies. Students save time and money by earning a master's degree in one year instead of two and enter the workforce with a more advanced complement of knowledge and skills.

  • How many different Double Dawgs programs are there?
  • Currently, there are more than 100 Double Dawgs programs in 15 schools and colleges. A current list of available programs may be found on the Double Dawgs Programs page.

  • Can anyone participate in the Double Dawgs program?
  • All current undergraduate students are eligible to apply for a Double Dawgs program. Each program has a program advisor who can provide you with more information. Just visit the Double Dawgs Programs page and choose the program that interests you.

  • Are Double Dawgs programs always in the same major, for example Accounting BBA/Accounting MACC?
  • Many of the Double Dawgs programs are within the same major, while others span different majors (e.g., Electrical Engineering BSEE/Business Administration MBA).

  • How many graduate-level courses can I take as an undergraduate student that will count toward both my undergraduate degree and my graduate degree?
  • You can take up to 12 hours of graduate-level courses as an undergraduate student that count toward both your undergraduate and graduate degree program requirements. Program requirements vary among Double Dawgs programs. Please contact the Double Dawgs program advisor of your desired program for more information.

  • How many graduate-level courses can I take as an undergraduate student that will count toward my undergraduate degree?
  • The number of graduate-level courses an undergraduate student can take toward completion of their undergraduate degree requirements is not limited. However, you should talk to your advisor to ensure that any graduate-level courses taken will satisfy your undergraduate degree requirements.

  • How do I apply to be in a Double Dawgs program?
  • Contact the Double Dawgs program advisor for the program you are interested in and the advisor will guide you through the application process. Admission criteria may differ between Double Dawgs programs and is determined by the departments.

  • Will completing a Double Dawgs program affect tuition?
  • No. Undergraduate students in Double Dawgs programs pay the undergraduate tuition. Once they are admitted to the graduate program within their Double Dawgs program, they pay graduate tuition.

  • Will Double Dawgs students graduate with their bachelor's degree and master's degree at the same time?
  • No. Double Dawgs students will graduate with their bachelor's degree prior to finishing their graduate degree.

  • What happens if I begin taking graduate courses and decide I do not want to continue with the graduate degree?
  • The graduate-level courses taken as an undergraduate through the Double Dawgs program will satisfy your undergraduate requirements, and your graduation will not be delayed.

  • How will I get access to register for graduate-level courses?
  • Once you are accepted into a Double Dawgs program, you are approved to register for graduate-level courses.

  • Am I guaranteed admission into the Graduate School if I am accepted into a Double Dawgs program?
  • Students apply to the graduate program as part of their Double Dawgs program. Each Double Dawgs program has its own requirements for graduate admission. Your Double Dawgs program advisor will guide you through this process.

  • When will I become a graduate student?
  • You will become a graduate student when you are admitted to the graduate program, typically the semester after earning your bachelor's degree.

  • I am interested in participating but do not see my choice of undergraduate/graduate degree program combination. Whom should I contact?
  • If you are interested in a Double Dawgs program that you don’t see on this website, please email or call the relevant undergraduate or graduate contact person to find out more about creating a new Double Dawgs program specific to your interests. If you need additional assistance after speaking with the undergraduate or graduate contact person, or if you have other questions, please contact the Double Dawgs program at

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