What is the Double Dawgs Program?

The Double Dawgs program at the University of Georgia creates structured programs for qualified students to earn an undergraduate and graduate degree within a five-year timeframe. With more than 115 Double Dawgs programs to choose from, the University of Georgia offers students one of the nation’s broadest arrays of accelerated master’s programs.

How does it work?

This student timeline outlines the key actions taken by a student each year.

Year 1
Review Double Dawgs options
Year 2
Talk to academic advisor and program contact
Year 3
Apply and get admitted to program
Year 4
Begin working with graduate contact and apply to graduate program
Graduate with an undergraduate degree
Year 5
Get admitted to graduate program
Graduate with a graduate degree

What is a Program Advisor?

An advisor happily working with a student

Each Double Dawgs Program has a specific advisor for students to contact with questions. This advisor explains the program admission requirements and process to students, and continues to guide them through their undergraduate coursework.

Chart showing that a Program Advisor communicates with both undergrad and graduate advisors on behalf of the student.