Cognitive Science AB/Artificial Intelligence MS

Students who complete the Cognitive Science (A.B.) / Artificial Intelligence (M.S.) Double Dawgs degree program would have numerous career opportunities in industry as well as academia. The students can find employment in companies, research centers, or labs with focus on Machine Learning, Data Mining, Data Analytics, Big Data, Incremental and Deep learning, as well as several other specialties. Students can also pursue Ph.D. or other advanced degrees in numerous areas including artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer science, data science, cognitive science, educational technology, cognitive psychology, cognitive philosophy, or cognitive neuroscience.

Admission to Program

At least 60 hours completed at the time of application, with at least 40 hours completed at UGA, and an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.5.
Admission requires a review of the applicant's UGA transcript by a committee. In exceptional circumstances, the committee may choose to admit students not meeting all of the requirements or reject applicants due to inadequate performance in courses related to the graduate degree.


Graduate-level courses that may be used to satisfy undergraduate and graduate program requirements.

Classes Required for the Artificial Intelligence M.S. (6 credits):
- PHIL/LING 6510: Deductive Systems (3 hours)
- CSCI/PHIL 6550: Artificial Intelligence (3 hours)

Optional classes: Foundations Area for B.A./M.S. Group A or B (limit 6 credits):
- CSCI/ARTI 6540: Symbolic Programming (3 hours)
- PHIL/LING 6300: Philosophy of Language (3 hours)
- PHIL 6310: Philosophy of Mind (3 hours)
- PHIL/LING 6520: Model Theory (3 hours)
- PSYC 8240: Judgement and Decision Making (3 hours)
- LING 6021: Phonetics and Phonology (3 hours)
- LING 8150: Generative Syntax (3 hours)
- PHIL/EECP 6250: Philosophy of Technology (3 hours)

Additional requirements that are unique to this Double Dawgs program:


Admission to Graduate Program

Students who meet all of the following requirements will be eligible to apply for the M.S. in Artificial Intelligence program:
• GPA: Minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.2 for all courses taken
• TOEFL: Foreign applicants must report TOEFL scores that are within 5 years from the date of application

Program Advisor

  • Name: Sarah Wright
  • Email:
  • Phone: 706-583-0530
  • Address: 101C Peabody

Undergraduate Major Information

  • Major: Cognitive Science A.B.
  • Department/College: Artificial Intelligence

Advising Contact

  • Name: Sarah Wright
  • Email:
  • Phone: 706-583-0530
  • Address: 101C Peabody

Graduate Major Information

  • Major: Artificial Intelligence M.S.
  • Department/College: Artificial Intelligence

Advising Contact