Management Information Systems BBA/Accounting MAcc

Students will be eligible to sit for the CPA exam and could pursue either public accounting or consulting and advisory positions following completion of the program. They would also be eligible to continue into a business Ph.D. program or law school, among other academic opportunities.

Admission to Program

Following admission to Terry, a student would apply to Tull for admission into the BBA/MAcc in their first semester of their third year.

To be eligible, students would be required to earn a score of 70 or higher Accounting Entrance Exam, consistent with our minimum requirement for admission to the Accounting BBA program.


Graduate-level courses that may be used to satisfy undergraduate and graduate program requirements.


Additional requirements that are unique to this Double Dawgs program:

To be eligible to proceed from their BBA program directly into the MAcc program, students would use their Terry Electives (12 hours) or other electives to complete the following four ACCT courses:

- ACCT 5000 Intermediate I
- ACCT 5010 Intermediate II
- ACCT 5400 Tax I
- ACCT 5310 Accounting Information Systems and Data Analytics

If a student does not have sufficient elective hours to complete these four courses for credit toward his or her BBA, then the student must complete the hours in addition to the requirements for his or her BBA.

Upon completion of these four courses and admission to the MAcc program, then a student in the BBA/MAcc program would be eligible to get an MAcc degree in the Advisory track. Students would be required to complete the following courses to receive his or her MAcc degree:

- Required Courses (18 hours):
ACCT 7200 (Audit I)
ACCT 7020 (Intermediate III)
ACCT 7410 (Tax II)
ACCT 7605 (Advanced Accounting)
ACCT 7620 (Audit II)
ACCT 7630 (Accounting Data, Risk & Control)

- Accounting Electives (3 Hours)
ACCT 7700 (Accounting Policy & Research)
ACCT 7600 (FSA)
ACCT 7650 (Ethics)
ACCT 7651 (Forensic)
ACCT 7800 (Internship)
ACCT 7655 (Accounting Analytics)

- Advisory Electives (9 Hours):
Will be structured to allow students to choose an Advisory area of interest (e.g., Finance, MIS, Business Analytics, etc.).

(NOTE: The student will have sufficient credit hours upon completion of the BBA/MAcc to sit for the CPA exam.)

Admission to Graduate Program

As with Accounting undergraduates, BBA/MAcc students would apply to the MAcc program in their fourth year. They would only be eligible to pursue the Advisory Track within the MAcc program.

Upon admission to the undergraduate portion of the BBA/MAcc program, students would be notified that their admission into the graduate (MAcc) portion of the program would be contingent upon:
(1) Achieving a 2.5 or higher GPA in ACCT 5000, 5010, 5310, and 5400;
(2) Achieving the prerequisite overall GPA for admission into the MAcc program;
(3) Achieving a 550 or higher on the GMAT; and
(4) Completion of the MAcc application.

Program Advisor

  • Name: Jessica F. Ammons
  • Email:
  • Phone: 706-542-3629
  • Address: A303 Moore-Rooker Hall

Undergraduate Major Information

  • Major: Management Information Systems B.B.A.
  • Department/College: Management Information Systems

Advising Contact

  • Name: Jessica F. Ammons
  • Email:
  • Phone: 706-542-3629
  • Address: A306 Moore-Rooker Hall

Graduate Major Information

  • Major: Accounting M.Acc.
  • Department/College: J.M. Tull School of Accounting

Advising Contact

  • Name: Christie Tarpley
  • Email:
  • Phone: 706-542-3600
  • Address: A306 Moore-Rooker Hall