Music Composition BMus/Music MM(Composition)(non-thesis)

Career Opportunities:

The degree Master of Music (M.M.) with a major in composition provides in-depth knowledge of musical forms and compositional idioms of the various periods of music history, and skills essential for future creative expression. Primary career opportunities for graduates of this degree program include professional work in composition or orchestration and teaching at the two- or four-year college level. The degree also prepares graduates for future study in composition at the Ph.D. or DMA level.

Admission to Program

Interested B.Mus. Composition majors should submit a departmental application form for the dual degree pathway by the end of the second semester of their junior year at the time of their Spring semester composition jury. The departmental application form can be found on the Hugh Hodgson School of Music website (

The composition portfolio submitted at the time of junior year juries must display a level of craft and originality that meets the standards of graduate admission. Applicants will submit three letters of reference, including their principal composition teacher. Other eligibility requirements include: (1) Successful completion of the following courses: MUSI 2100 Music Theory III; MUSI 2110 Aural Skills III; MUSI 3812 Junior Composition Lessons; MUSI 3210 Music History I; MUSI 3240 Instrumentation and Arranging. (2) Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (UGA coursework).


Graduate-level courses that may be used to satisfy undergraduate and graduate program requirements.

MUSI 7810, 3 - Applied Instruction
MUSI 6130, 3 - Electroacoustic Composition
MUSI XXXX, 3 - Graduate Music History or Theory Elective
MUSI 7730, 3 - Interactive Composition
MUSI 6660, 3 - Media Composition & Production II

Additional requirements that are unique to this Double Dawgs program:


Admission to Graduate Program

- Apply to the UGA Graduate School using the online application - Apply to the Hugh Hodgson School of Music (using the web site), including:

· A statement of purpose

· CV

· Brief reflective essay

· Pre-screening audition materials, as required

· Three letters of recommendation

· Application fee

Program Advisor

  • Name: Brandon Craswell
  • Email:
  • Phone: 706-542-3737
  • Address: 250 River Road, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Undergraduate Major Information

  • Major: Music Composition B.Mus.
  • Department/College: Music

Advising Contact

Graduate Major Information

  • Major: Music M.M.
  • Department/College: Music

Advising Contact

  • Name: Adrian Childs
  • Email:
  • Phone: 706-542-2743
  • Address: 344 School of Music