Pharmaceutical Sciences BS/Pharmacy PharmD

The goal of this degree is to create Pharmacists that possess a deeper understanding of the pharmaceutical sciences in order enhance their ability to be part of the emerging healthcare team model. This unique degree blends drug development and manufacturing topics of the undergraduate degree program with the translational and clinical usage of those therapies in the Pharm.D. program.

Admission to Program

The B.S./Pharm.D. program is 7 years total. Students should express their interest by the spring semester of their 2nd year in the B.S. program. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 in order to be offered a guaranteed interview for the PharmD program, and applications for the PharmD program are due Sept. 1 in the 3rd year of the B.S. program. (Note: Admission to the PharmD program is not guaranteed.) Students will “Apply to the Pathway” only after being officially selected for admission into the PharmD program.


Graduate-level courses that may be used to satisfy undergraduate and graduate program requirements.

PHRM 3030 – Essentials of Pharmacy Practice I – 3
PHRM 3300 – Pharmaceutical Calculations – 2
PHRM 3310 - Principles of Pharmacology I – 2
PHRM 3550 - Human Pathophysiology - 4
PHRM 3600 - Immunology and Biotechnology - 2
PHRM 3900 - Pharmacy Intercommunications – 2
PHRM 3940 - Survey of Drug Information – 1
PHRM 3950 - Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience I - 3
PHRM 3040 - Essentials of Pharmacy - 3
PHRM 3070 - Medicinal Chemistry I - 2
PHRM 3320 - Principles of Pharmacology II - 2
PHRM 4030 - Essentials of Pharmacy Practice III – 3
PHRM 4060 - Medicinal Chemistry II – 2
PHRM 4200 - Fundamentals of Pharmaceutics I: Physical Pharmacy and Dosage Form Design – 3
PHRM 4211 – Pharmaceutics II: Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics – 4
PHRM 5210 – Special Topics in Pharmacy – 1-3
PHRM 5980 – Undergraduate Research Problem – 1-3

Additional requirements that are unique to this Double Dawgs program:


Admission to Graduate Program

The College of Pharmacy Pharm.D. Admissions Committee will evaluate applications to the Pharm.D. component of the program. Applicants to this part of the program apply in fall semester in the 3rd year of the B.S. program or equivalent. If admitted, students will start the Pharm.D. program during the 4th year.

Students complete and graduate with the undergraduate B.S. degree after the 2nd year of the Pharm.D. program (year 5 of the 7-year program). After the 4th year of the Pharm.D. program (year 7 of the Double Dawgs pathway), students earn the Pharm.D. degree.

Program Advisor

  • Name: Leslie Standridge
  • Email:
  • Phone: 706-542-9755
  • Address: R.C. Wilson, Rm. 402, College of Pharmacy

Undergraduate Major Information

  • Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences B.S.
  • Department/College: Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences

Advising Contact

  • Name: Gurvinder Singh Rekhi
  • Email:
  • Phone: 706-542-5343
  • Address: R.C. Wilson, Rm 420, College of Pharmacy

Graduate Major Information

  • Major: Pharmacy Pharm.D.
  • Department/College: College of Pharmacy

Advising Contact

  • Name: Erik Dennison
  • Email:
  • Phone: 706-542-5278
  • Address: Pharmacy South, 115A, College of Pharmacy