Environmental Health Science BSEH(Advanced Science and Pre-Med)/Public Health MPH(Epidemiology)(non-thesis)

Career and Academic Opportunities

The College of Public Health had a 94% placement rate for the MPH class of 2020. Graduates with an MPH-EHS are entering technical fields in bench science, environmental consulting, or regulation in addition to going on to further graduate (e.g., PhD) or professional training (e.g., DVM, MD). The MPH-EHS curriculum is designed to address broad concepts in environmental health and public health while maintaining some flexibility to specialize (e.g., toxicology, exposure assessment, water/air/food quality, genomics, etc.). Our competencies reflect both the needs of the field and the foundational training needed to work in academia, government, or other environmental health fields. Recent employers include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, University of Georgia Environmental Safety Division, Georgia Department of Public Health, The Southern Company, US EPA and Johnson & Johnson, to name a few.