Political Science AB/Educational Administration and Policy MEd(Law and Policy)(non-thesis)

Career and Academic Opportunities

The Double Dawgs program will give high-achieving undergraduate students the opportunity to hone their interest and expand their analytic and theoretical skills in preparation for law and policy-oriented careers in a broad range of education organizations, include local, state, and federal government, nongovernmental organizations, and private corporations.

The M.Ed curriculum builds on foundations of theory, method, and practice and addresses a range of contemporary education policy issues from an interdisciplinary lens. Students will gain practical understandings that prepare them for careers in education administration and policy. Previous graduates of our programs work as policy analysts, leaders in educational organizations (both governmental and nongovernmental), evaluators, advocates, and educators in roles where they are advancing critical and thoughtful policymaking in the field.

Students will also gain strong theoretical and methodological skills that prepare them for research-oriented careers and the flexibility to enter a Ph.D. or other advanced degree programs later.