Comparative Literature and Intercultural Studies AB/Comparative Literature and Intercultural Studies MA

Career and Academic Opportunities

A master's degree in Comparative Literature and Intercultural Studies provides you with multiple career options. You can continue your studies and pursue an academic career. You can find work as a freelance writer, journalist, translator, or literary agent. Or you can find a job in the U.S. Foreign Service, in tourism, international affairs, international business, and a score of other professions that require the kinds of knowledge and skill acquired in pursuit of your master's. Having studied the products of culture in a comparative context, you are in a unique position to exercise a job that requires cultural and linguistic understanding in a global setting.
Below is a list of possible job titles:
Associate Managing Editor
Border Patrol/Customs Officer
Case Manager
Civil Service Worker
Communications Specialist
Congressional Aide Consumer Affairs
Copy Editor/Writer
Court Reporter
Creative Director
Cultural Officer
Defense Language Institute
ESL Instructor
Executive Assistant
FBI Agent
Foreign News Correspondent
Foreign Service Officer
Geographic Researcher
Hotel Manager
Independent Distributor
International Consulting
International Coordinator
International Development Officer
Interpreter / Translator
Language Librarian
Law Enforcement Officer
Literary Agent
Management and Program Analyst
Manager Trainee
Marketing Assistant/Proposal Writer
Peace Corps Volunteer
Press Officer
Program Specialist
Teacher/Co Grade Level Chair/Coach