Pharmaceutical Sciences BS/Pharmacy MS

Career and Academic Opportunities

Students may pursue a Ph.D. after graduation, continue on to a professional degree in pharmacy, medicine, nursing, etc., or seek employment in a pharmaceutical company.

M.S. track in Regulatory Sciences trains students in current drug regulations governing the development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, animal health and combination products. Graduates with this combined degree would be ideal for Regulatory positions in CMC (chemistry, manufacturing and control) and/or research and development. This track would provide students with considerable expertise in the global regulatory sciences and make them extremely competitive for positions in industry where most of this has to be learned on the job.

M.S. track in Pharmaceutical Sciences provides students with the ability to specialize in the areas of pharmacology, drug delivery, or medicinal chemistry. Graduates from this track would gain considerable laboratory intensive training that would provide the practical experience to make them more competitive for research positions in industry or to prepare them for highly competitive