Economics AB/Public Health MPH (Epidemiology)(non-thesis)

Career and Academic Opportunities

The College of Public Health had a 67% employment placement rate for the MPH class of 2022. Graduates with an MPH go on to work in federal and state agencies as well as non-profit organizations and consulting firms. Of MPH graduates, 14% of students pursue fellowship, post-doc, or residency programs, and roughly 9% of graduating students pursue further advanced degree programs such as medical or doctoral programs. The top graduate schools for MPH alumni include medical programs at Augusta University and Emory University, as well as academic programs at the University of Georgia.

Top employers include Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United States Department of Health and Human Services, Georgia Department of Public Health, Georgia Health Policy Center, Kaiser Permanente, University of Georgia, Emory University, and hospital systems (to name a few). Our expectation is that the Double Dawgs pathway will provide a clear step towards careers in agencies focused on preventive efforts in target populations (i.e. women and minorities, disenfranchised populations, families, school age or aging populations, incarcerated populations, urban and rural populations, high risk groups for disease or disability). A few fields that will be new opportunities for our pathway graduates include data management specialists, data analysts, research specialists, consultants, and coordinators of public health research or programs.