Biological Science BSA/Poultry Science MS

Career and Academic Opportunities

The Double Dawgs Biological Sciences B.S.A./Poultry Science M.S. was generated for those students who have developed an interest in pursuing a career working with wild birds, domestic birds, and/or poultry, but also wish to have a B.S. degree in a broader field of biology. The program is tailored to give a student both concentrated coursework in avian biology and experience conducting an M.S.-level research project in a selected sub-field within avian biology or poultry science. Faculty who mentor students through this program work in a variety of areas, including avian nutrition, reproduction, poultry production, avian immunology, genetics, and physiological ecology. Research interests of specific faculty can be viewed at: Upon completion of this dual degree, students will have a variety of career options. The degree provides an excellent bridge into a veterinary program with a concentration in avian medicine. Students who find they love the research aspect can continue into the pharmaceutical and/or poultry lab industry, often at a higher pay scale compared to entry with only a B.S. degree. Alternatively, students may choose to pursue further graduate study towards a job as a head researcher in an academic or industry setting. Through our program, students will gain not only education and research experience, but also introductions to key contacts that are critical to getting jobs in the fields of avian biology and poultry science.