Human Development and Family Science BSFCS/Human Development and Family Science MS

Career and Academic Opportunities

Students will learn about the developmental progression of individuals from the prenatal period to the end of life and focus on the interactions among individuals, families, communities, and society, and upon completion of the courses required for this program of study and our existing undergraduate degree, students can apply to the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) for provisional certification in Family Life Education (FLE). Students who complete the courses required by NCFR for the FLE Certificate at the undergraduate level (B.S.F.C.S.) must complete 3,200 hours of work experience after graduating to become fully certified, while students who obtain an M.S. must complete 1,600 hours of work experience. So, students will be able to meet the requirements for full FLE certification sooner with an M.S. degree. Additionally, students will have the knowledge and skills to pursue careers in the private or public sector, through Extension, After School Programs, Youth and Family Services, and much more.