Political Science AB/International Policy MIP(non-thesis)

Career and Academic Opportunities

Many government positions now prefer and even require a master’s degree. The Double Dawg program affords high-achieving undergraduate students the opportunity to hone their interest and expand their analytic skills in preparation for policy-oriented careers in government, multinational corporations, consultancies, as well as intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations.

The M.I.P curriculum builds on foundations of theory, method, and practice, addressing a range of contemporary security concerns with an emphasis on interagency collaboration. Specialized tracks focusing on nonproliferation and human security prepare students for careers inside and outside of the government.

While most students seek the M.I.P as their final professional degree, the Double Dawg program will also allow students to earn their master’s with the ability of later entering a Ph.D. or other advanced degree programs and pursuing careers in academia.