Human Development and Family Science BSFCS/Special Education MAT(Birth through Kindergarten)(non-thesis)

Career and Academic Opportunities

Early learning and care for young children Birth through Kindergarten is a growing important field for our nation, especially in light of new science documenting the importance of nourishing healthy brain development during these early years. Undergraduates interested in child development and care often pursue undergraduate degrees in Human Development and Family Sciences. While this degree provides a strong foundation for graduates to become employed in childcare-related careers, salaries for these positions are relatively low paying. By adding the Master's of Teaching degree in Special Education with an Emphasis on Birth through Kindergarten, candidates will be eligible for Georgia Teacher Certification in Birth through Kindergarten and Preschool Special Education. This program prepares candidates to teach all infants, toddlers, and young children: those who are typically developing, those at risk, and those with special needs. Graduates will be infield to teach Pre-K, Kindergarten and Preschool Special Education. In addition they will be well prepared to provide leadership in Head Start, Early Head Start, Early Intervention Programs (e.g., Babies Can't Wait) and other home-based services for young children and their families. This program, in part, responds to the high-demand need for special education teachers in Georgia.